“Revolution of the Elderly”

(Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar) – Eugênia, in a magazine of general circulation, it was said about the “revolution of the seniors”. Populations, ageing, are achieving parity between the number of the elderly and the young, as never happened in the history of mankind. Would you have anything to say about the subject?


The Discovery of Personal Truth

(Spirit Eugênia) – How does one feel when trying to bribe the truth for oneself? One should not try to build a personal world upon speculations, fictions or wishes of truth, but on what one can understand as true, fair and good.

(Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar) – This is interesting, Eugênia. [...]


(Spirit Eugenia) – Now, I would like you to receive a collective message.

(Benjamin Teixeira) – Do you want a dialogue?


Ideal Quantity of Children – New Tendencies

(BTA) Eugenia, a tendency is growing in the most civilized countries, as well as in the most educated classes of developing countries: a small number of children or even their absence, as a family option. What would you have to say about this?

(EE) It is expectable and desirable. The Earth’s [...]

Movie, TV and Pop Music Stars, Avatars and Other Idols of Crowds

(BTA) Eugenia, would you have anything to say about the modern worship to movies, TV and pop music stars?

(EE) It is polytheism in disguise, with the garments of new values and models of culture. The crowd, still immature for a new transcendent understanding of God and inept for a truly [...]