Christmas, in depth


The inner-Christ of every sincere Christian contorts in the pains of labor of the end of psycho-spiritual self-gestation – a cyclical and progressively deeper and more fruitful process, whose symbolic narrative is “re-enacted” mystically and psychologically in the annual Christmas rites throughout the Christian community.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia


Giving orders to God, or placing ourselves under Divine Protection?

God helps us by all means, but especially by the voice of our own conscience, by our initiatives of action and resolution of problems, with the focus on practical, sensible, just, spiritual, Christian solutions.

There are no unique channels for Heavenly Help. Neither you nor anyone else can order the Supreme Being to help [...]

Opinions of others and destiny

It is natural the human being’s impulse of belonging to a community, of being accepted by people who they respect, of being approved by their loved ones.

This universal psychological tendency, however, cannot take over the voice of one’s own conscience and the sentiments and principles that constitute it.

Not being aware of [...]

The City of Mystical Athens

Today, in the first hours of the morning, according to the time of Brasilia, the Christ-Mother of the Earth arrived at the noblest Mystical Athens, an extraphysical city of the highest spiritual frequencies on the planet, which dwells great Spirits, Guides of earthly collectivities, Celestial Geniuses who inspire key sectors of human activity, such [...]

Or… or…

Those who do not freely and continuously aim for the good in their conduct, inevitably set misery in their destiny.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) and Gustavo Henrique (Spirit)