The Good Deed of the Day

Did you make any effort today to leave your comfort zone and do an act of pure and disinterested kindness, even if it costs you little or almost nothing? If not, there is still time to do so. Technology help us: electronic, personal, fraternal messages only cost a few coins of good will! [...]

Ridiculous and Excellence

Exhausted, after channeling the Spiritual Guide Eugênia-Aspasia, in the lecture last night, Tuesday, June 3, I had a frugal meal by having fruits and lay down to rest, waking up in a little over than an hour, at dawn, and taking the first electronic device I could find, in order to record the [...]


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends.

To demonize someone and place yourself as a victim is the perfect detour route, blocking the process of learning about your own mistakes (which caused the suffered vicissitude) and programming an even more unfortunate line of events than the one that [...]

Light in Yourself, Light in Others.


“Be Light, instead of demanding Light in others. Those who really belong to Good, already kindle the light in themselves, before watching the shadows of others. To demand goodness and detachment from other people, rather than strive to develop virtue in oneself, is a typical trace of those who are [...]

Love and Fair Defense.


Offer love and enlightment. But if the service was rendered, and, even so, the wickedness of others comes after you, in person, to attack you, it is your duty to defend yourself, or you will be stimulating the wickedness in others, by the vain and hypocritical apprehension of being disliked. And, if [...]