Let there be Light!

Let there be the light of peace of conscience and the harmony with the practice of good, in the inner world and in the existence of each sentient being.

Let there be disciplined effort to comply with the dictates of one’s own ideal, without worrying about obeying conventions, when conflicts arise between Heaven’s Call [...]

Spiritual essence 

When the soul is confused, it is time to activate the spirit. In other words: when the emotional is in turmoil, it is time for reason and conscience to act assertively.

Do not allow yourself to be intoxicated by the allurements of immediacy or personal and shallow interest of any kind, [...]

To get closer to plenitude

You do not need much, or anything big or materially valuable.

What nourishes the soul and is therefore inherent to the spirit is outside quantitative standards – it relates directly to what concerns the qualitative.

Feeling, more than thought.

Kindness, more than intelligence.

Solidary action, more than productivity for the physical world, the economy [...]

Reasonableness, pragmatism and responsibility in the chapter of the Essential

The Essential could not depend on socio-economic status, psychological standards, intellectual level or physical conditions that are not accessible to all people. Otherwise, God would not be Absolute Justice and Goodness.

So, when you find yourself immersed in overly complex conjectures or inextricable confusions, in the realm of the fundamental – your relationship with [...]

Higher perspective¹

Human worries are often so puerile, so unnecessary!…

Let’s put ourselves in a higher perspective. From above, problems can be seen in their true dimension, revealing themselves to be much smaller than they seem at first glance, when we are immersed in them.

Adopting a higher angle of observation [...]