Ingratitude and Disgrace

Ingratitude and Disgrace


Grace is the root word which derives from the entry “gratitude”.


Who is not grateful, first to God, and, after, towards all the Sources whence emanate all the love,

the wisdom and the provision in his/her life, attracts, naturally, due to tuning, the absence of grace:



Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar

by [...]


1) Universal emotion. Who denies feeling it lies to others and/or to himself.

2) Negative version of admiration.

3) Paradoxical indicative of vocational line to follow.

4) Selfishness and greed for not being able to rejoice with other’s happiness.

5) A combination of two or more [...]

How to Be Happy?


Have and practice a faith in God; follow your professional vocation; invest love in family, friends and marriage; and seek a purpose to live for the sake of the common good.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Anacleto. Message received on 01/22/2013.


How Not to Apply?


Currently, more than a thousand scientific publications attest to the healing power of praying and/or meditating. The luminaires-aces, angular stones of civilizations, such as Jesus, Buddha or Moses, advocate, with emphasis, the fixation of the habit of prayer-meditation, as a basis to the fulfillment of the human being, in his/hers highest strata [...]