Serenity Always

If you notice yourself resistant to hope and optimism, either for cultural reasons, for traumas you have suffered or just because of your idiosyncratic way of seeing the world, you should dedicate yourself to the constructive exercise of skepticism, developing its positive aspects, so that you do not fall into the abysses of hopelessness, nihilism or cynicism.

Undoubtedly, optimistic trust is not appropriate in all circumstances, but serenity is always due, including to enable solutions in complex contexts.

Faced with more intricate, apparently unsolvable problems, the sensible alternative will be the maximum application of the intelligence and knowledge one has. And the maximization of the use of the individual’s intellective potential presupposes calm, so that the best of their pondering power and resolutive action is made possible.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugenia-Aspasia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
LaGrange, New York, United States
March 22, 2023

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