I am here, listening to you

You can speak directly to me, make your requests, express your gratitude, unburden yourself…

Do not see me as an inaccessible authority. This is human prejudice: the projection of the hierarchical and limited form of contact with a personality placed at the top of a social pyramid and, therefore, with not enough time or cognitive conditions to attend to all the individuals of a gigantic multitude.

From my Plane of Consciousness, I can hear you and attend to you as if you were my only child.

The same is true of Jesus, to whom you can direct your prayers if you prefer. I and he represent, respectively, the Christian anthropomorphic images of the maternal and paternal aspects of God for the earthly community.

I have said this on other occasions. However, there is an enormous psychological and cultural resistance to accepting this multidimensional reality, so much so that human creatures inflict great suffering upon themselves for not opening themselves to the infinite possibilities of consolation and elucidation of existential enigmas that would be available to them through the channels of inspiration, synchronicities and other external or internal events, favored precisely by the receptivity of their free will to the influence of mine and of the Celestial Forces.

If you have a different psychological inclination, address your supplications to the Community of the Holy Spirits of God or to the Divinity Itself, but do not give up praying and/or meditating daily. It is like oxygen for the soul and, consequently, vital and healing for the mind and the body as well.

In addition to the suggestion of establishing this fundamental habit, I believe it almost unnecessary to ratify that no one should passively wait for the solution to their problems but act in an adult and responsible manner. However, I reiterate the proposition, as an important reminder, because, ordinarily, Heaven responds to the supplicant, while that same person puts herself/himself at the service of Heaven, in the lives of their brothers and sisters in humanity.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
LaGrange, New York, United States of America
August 17, 2022

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