Confidence about my innermost impressions about happiness

The guides of the Spirit World asked me to make public a “secret of the soul”, so as to help people who have experiences similar to mine.

I developed, over time, a mental pattern that I now recognize emerged in response to a varied and significant amount of abuse I suffered in my childhood and [...]

Who I Am… for you!…

Yahweh prophesied that He would put enmity between the dragon – the serpent archenemy of this humanity – and the Woman1.

I Am that Woman.

Under the name of Archangel Gabriel, one of his multiple Names, He visited me and made me pregnant with the Christ-Verb Jesus2.

Through the incarnate Logos, He spoke to [...]

Fraternal Amalgam and spiritual joy, with discipline and combativeness for the common good

I represent the Amalgam of fraternal communion in the communities of sincere devotees and the Joy of rapture and enthusiasm of those who fairly perform their spiritual duties as pointed out by their consciences.

Jesus, in turn, symbolizes both the Sword and the Cross of discipline and discernment, as the Combat for the victory [...]

Christian spirituality without religion

Today, we celebrate Spirituality in its purest expression – that which is rid of dogmatic embellishments, without the restraints of doctrinal approaches.

Fourteen years ago, on December 14, 2008, we unbound this Temple-School that we established on the planetary surface from any conventional religious denominations.

Yes, we have adopted, and in a more zealous [...]

What is infinite – God or human intelligence?

You ask me: why does this happen? And I remind you, first, that asking deep and pertinent questions, whether personal or more comprehensive, is an excellent exercise in lucidity, provided that it is combined with the correlated philosophical effort to seek benevolent or evolutionary meaning and purpose in everything, even if these positive contours [...]