Happiness and purpose

Happiness is unattainable without a spiritual practice and a philosophy of life that implies the perception of purpose for the human condition and for the existence as a whole — call it Spirituality, Transcendentality, Divinity, or whatever one wishes.

The fact is that, for psychic reasons and even for a neurophysiological [...]

Management of oneself and one’s life

Life is what it is.

Events are never determinable, although they can be relatively manageable, according to the circumstances, potentials and resources of the people involved in them.

Not even your psyche is under your full control. Educate and discipline yourself, but it is essential that you respect, nevertheless, the evolutionary limits that you [...]

The Sacred and the pathetic

Hope is a moral duty – lucid faith constitutes its possible corollary, with the inner work of reflection, of spiritual search and devotional practices, in a systematic and tireless commitment over long periods of time…

Ordinarily, no one obtains an elementary school diploma without dedicating successive years of daily study [...]