Axis of absurdities and horrors

God Is. No definition is proper for Him-Her – any conceptualization would restrict the Absolute to the limited human gnoseological spectrum.

Nothing can be outside of the Being. Nothingness is a mere abstraction of the human mind. Even the space-time continuum, as well as the matter-energy binomial, to exist or “sprout” from “nothing”, require the pre-existence of physical laws. Who or What is the Source of these laws?

Affirming the denial of existence is the most crass and absurd philosophical contradiction, a primary flaw of the lucid flow of thinking, a gross collapse of sensible reasoning.

When a person asserts that the Divinity or that their own spirit does not exist, they are implying, already in the act of opining, that they themselves do not exist.

Simple and obvious like that.

If someone has not understood the assertions, axiomatic par excellence, that we have just explained, they can make elaborated spins of language and philosophy or wild calculations in mathematics and physics – by the way, both language and philosophy as mathematics and physics would not even exist without the Being –, but they will continue to revolve around an axis of grotesque absurdities, because, in addition to alienating themselves intellectually, they will still foster cynicism, nihilism and desperation, in a domino effect, wherever that unwary individual dares to voice their incoherent and unconscious preaching.

Militant atheism hurts, maddens and leads to a lack of meaning for living millions of sensitive souls and intellects less robust to face its fallacies and pseudo-intelligent, schizoid and diabolical sophisms, due to its so disastrous consequences, especially in a civilization that is already on the verge of the apocalypse in several possible ways, and which urgently needs discourses that foster hope and the idea of purpose, and not the renunciation of any order of meaning for human existence – an inexorable side effect of the materialist-atheist worldview.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugenia-Aspasia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
LaGrange, New York, United States
January 5, 2023

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