Dead queen and Eternal Queen

Since childhood, I have nurtured a significant fondness for the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II. Over time, it turned into pity, given the weight of dire responsibilities the crown imposed on her.

I was surprised, although moved by compassion, by the commotion of crowds, on the occasion of the carnal demise of an almost century-old monarch – for many, not even the head of state of their respective countries of origin or residence.

It is almost astonishing how they acted, in a way, like sleepwalkers, stunned by a nightmare they could not fathom.

Citizens of Great Britain and the fourteen nations still hold the English crown bearer as their majesty deemed to pay their last homage, to pay their final respects to an illustrious figure who has just passed away.

In a deeper analysis, we perceive the realm of fantasy and illusions tragically and poorly, replacing the Realm of Spirit and Fundamental Reality.

May Elizabeth II find peace, on her new journey, as a spirit that she is, like any of us – who may even be reborn as a commoner in the farthest corner of the vast empire that idolized her in her last physical existence.

For all of us, there is a serious warning, magnified by the curious “coincidence” that the biological death of the English sovereign occurs on the day of the traditional celebration of the Nativity of Mary of Nazareth…

Much better to establish devotion to the Divinity, who always listens and attends to u —even if not always according to our expectations, which are naturally full of evaluation flaws — through the symbolic royalties that represent Her, such as Mary Christ — famously known as Regina Celi (Queen of Heaven) —, than to cling to icons merely human and mortal, perched atop retrograde and harrowing institutions that fill no one’s heart or give anyone’s life purpose.

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
and Spiritual Friends
LaGrange, New York, United States
September 8, 2022

Dead queen and Eternal Queen

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