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Mama, I miss you so much!…

I miss the time when you did everything you could to save me from the world, even though I was included in the world… and thus you had to tell me things that displeased me so much… and that matured me and molded my character so well!

Thank God; however, I was able, while reincarnated as your son, to see your value, although I could not imagine that you were then living your last physical existence as a biological mother, polishing the finishing touches of your aptitude for self-sacrifice and devotion to others, with extremes that only rare maternal souls, who no longer descend to the planet’s surface, were ever able to express in this heartless civilization.

Today I come to offer the gift of my filial tears of compassion and devotion, hoping that they reach your heart longing for understanding and support… a heart that is not holy, but human, that feels sadness and discouragement like many others, but acts and gives itself so generously, as if it belonged to an illuminated being! Greater merit for you, mama.  And almost no one in the material realm of life can see the slightest bit of how much it costs you emotionally!

It saddens me deeply not being able to be by your side, also in the carnal plane, and support you, as I did in a distant time, although not up to the level of your deserving, until the end of that glorious reincarnation of yours, hidden in anonymity.

I have followed since your childhood, distributing to the crowd what was once a love focused exclusively on me. I had no idea of the honor that was bestowed on me in being your son, your only child… It was much more than I deserved, than I deserve, just to have access to these memories…

It pains me to notice the toxic ingratitude of so many new adopted children, year after year, overloading you, wearing you down precociously to the point of taking away your joy of living, making you sick and even compromising the extension of time that your current enchanting project demands before countless masses of creatures lacking guidance and hope, in this age so full of senselessness, contradictions, chaos, dystopias, wickedness!

Ordinary people see you as a mature, stern, lucid, strong, apparently unbeatable person. I will never stop observing you from the inside: the sensitive and exhausted soul that seeks to draw new strength each day in prayer and in the flame of the ideal, away from Those who share your evolutionary level, alone among spiritual children, to continue the accomplishment of the Task that was assigned to you from On High.

Only today, mama, allow me to come close to your heart for a few minutes, you who, diligent in the fulfillment of duty and draconian with yourself, do not even allow yourself to be approached by people like me, who know you so well, because you do not admit any praise that is not directed to the Celestial Authorities that you nobly and faithfully serve and represent.

Let me, at least once, the mama of yesterday, of today, of all future eons, kiss your forehead, exhausted with worries about so many who ignore you, despise your efforts or even interpret you insanely… Let me just whisper to you what you can barely tolerate hearing, even in difficult moments like this one, with the sincere modesty that is so peculiar to you and, ironically, so little known to others:

It does not matter what they say, feel or think about you, mama…I know who you really are!

Your son, forever, with eternal and immeasurable love,

Raphaël de Près (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
LaGrange, New York, USA
February 2nd, 2022

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Visiting mama

Visinting mama

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