Your enormous tiny little mission from God

You were told, dear friend, that missions from God are “great” missions.

And you see yourself so small!… You never imagined and still cannot conceive the idea that any “grandiose” destiny has been reserved for you.

It is great that you feel and think this way!

It is a sign that you are not moved by the ego, which would make your attunement with the higher realms of consciousness extremely difficult.

If the ideal of serving and being useful sets your heart on fire, do not be deterred by the idea that the little or seemingly worthless service you can render to this or that person, in this or that way, is not important.

What are the great missions before the greatness of the universe and God? Well, in the same way, reason with me: to God, the care, the zeal, the sincerity and love with which you carry out a task of little value in the eyes of the world can be a work as valuable as the one developed by a missionary before the collectivity.

On the other hand, who says that you do not reach many people and that your work cannot trigger significant processes of general benefit in a ripple effect? The few individuals with whom you interact during the week, make contact with so many others that, in a domino effect to infinity, day after day, year over year, many thousands can be touched … No one can measure the extent of one’s influence. But everyone can and should evaluate the quality of what they offer, starting with the nature of the purposes with which the offer of solidarity is presented to others.

Pray, at the beginning of your day, before carrying out any simple task of your everyday life, and mobilize yourself in every action with the spirit of helping, caring, loving. And be sure: you will be getting in resonance with the Holy Spirits of God, who want to spread good, kindness, wisdom and peace, everywhere, under any circumstances, and not only in spectacular and “gigantic” situations and movements of great importance.

The child you rock on your lap today may lead masses in the future.

The soul you rescue today, seeming to need your help, can be a very noble Spirit, disguised in rags, who tomorrow will rescue you and an unthinkable number of other people.

Spread hope, optimism, goodwill and faith. You have no idea of the power a life inspired by this directive has! You really have no idea how much you can become an agent of the Light, in the service of the good of many, even though you remain, throughout the existence you now enjoy, imprisoned in the seemingly insignificant conjuncture (from the perspective of the human ego) in which you find yourself today.

Be the channel of the Angels, for the sufferers of the world, bringing a message of love and joy, comfort and motivation to all, and you yourself will, gradually, be inflamed with the Sacred Fire of Love — which is God —, starting to blaze, within yourself, the ardor of Heaven’s happiness, while you still imprisoned in the body of flesh… until, one day, you are released from the cocoon of dense matter that houses you, so that you flutter, full of grace and life in abundance, to higher planes of happiness and fulfillment, in the Bosom of the Creator and His-Her Emissaries!…


Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia.
Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar. 
April 24, 2014.


Your enormous tiny little mission from God


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