The worst that could and that can still happen

Storms of fate would necessarily come… Psychic nimbuses anticipated the tempests of misfortunes that would spark the lightnings of the Law of Return over this hardened earthly humanity.

However, there is always the Heavenly Mercy, manifesting Itself often in an invisible way, especially in Its most powerful effects.

We were immersed in reflections around this spiritual and generous perspective concerning the tragic events taking place on the surface of the planet when Our Greatest Mother appeared to us enveloped in an immense and prodigious luminous halo, proclaiming unreservedly:

- “Billions of people would die during the current pandemic – something between a quarter and a third of the incarnated population, in a similar fashion to that of the bubonic plague, in terms of percentage of the number of victims… We managed, by the mercy of the Divine Grace, to reduce it to a few million deaths.

There would be a global collapse of the stock markets and of the world economy as a whole, with devastating and long-term consequences… We managed, with the interference of the Supreme Mercifulness, that only a few refluxes of financial and material prosperities occurred…

A nuclear Armageddon was on the verge of breaking out or, at least, the bloodshed of tens of millions of physical lives, as occurred in the last two world wars… We were granted the Clemency of the All-Love Being, in the sense that the greater tragedy was extremely attenuated, in a proportion of one thousand to ten thousand times less than what would unfold in another hypothetical timeline of events…

The Infinite Goodness of God is never absent and always mitigates all pain, providing, as much as the free will of individuals and collectivities allow, happier or less unfortunate scenarios…

Meanwhile, we have not reached the end of this saga… that of the human history on Earth…

In a time of international and multifaceted crisis, with the potential to derail into chaos, in graver dimensions, may each creature and every community of this earthly civilization fulfil their share of responsibility, focusing on the work and the combat in favor of the good, of human, dignity, life and peace, by all means at their disposal…

Furthermore, let us trust that the Divinity, in Its Perfect Wisdom, will do much better, alleviating sufferings and maximizing joys, in measures unthinkable to the human level of understanding.”


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
LaGrange, New York, USA
April 7, 2022

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