She is here

Making Herself visible as an Immense Glare on the horizon, with Her majestic and extremely loving Voice resounding through every angle of the landscape, the Greatest Spiritual Mother of the Earth told all humanity:

“I am here, forever!…

The Words of Jesus, in their modern version, must be read [...]

Fifteen minutes

“For fifteen minutes a day, pray, meditate, think about the Infinite Goodness and Wisdom of God.

This is the first step, although essential, to travel the long journey of self-discovery, on the way to transcendence, passing through the rocky roads, but with flowery and illuminated margins, of the vocation fully lived.


Are you against God? 

Those who are prejudiced, those who persecute minorities or do not even work in favor of evolutionary movements in the culture and in the society, are putting themselves against GOD! That simple!

And, if someone dares to use the Name of the Creator against what is of [...]

The worst that could and that can still happen

Storms of fate would necessarily come… Psychic nimbuses anticipated the tempests of misfortunes that would spark the lightnings of the Law of Return over this hardened earthly humanity.

However, there is always the Heavenly Mercy, manifesting Itself often in an invisible way, especially in Its most powerful effects.

We [...]

The Powers of the Good unite when evil besets us

Brothers and Sisters in Ideal:

The Powers of the good unite when evil besets us, with its expressions of tyranny, violence and destruction.

In the link from The Guardian, we share an emblematic example of this phenomenon that, because it is led by a woman leader, the president of the European Commission, encourages and [...]