The diabolical sweetness of false Christians – and the Sword of the Cross of Our Master and Lord JESUS

JESUS ​​was sacrificed on a symbolic sword, which wounded the Earth, soaking it in His blood – a strong and profound metaphor of how much His Presence would fertilize, in an extremely assertive, conflicting and powerful way, the history of the earthly humanity.

As He Himself asserted: “I did not come to bring peace, but the sword.” (Matthew, 10:34)

Jesus warned that when He arrived at a house (as at institutions and communities), He would establish the division in a way that “three would be against two and two against three”. (Luke, 12:52)

This is very natural and logical: there is no profound, long-lasting and true evolution that does not constitute a painful process of contradiction and struggle, that does not disturb and generate reactions in social structures and mentalities attached to outdated concepts, paradigms or institutions, incompatible with what the movements of innovation propose. This process happens, firstly, within the individual, but inevitably unfolds itself externally, in the context of their interpersonal relationships, which indicates their authentic inner transformation, metanoia (mental transmutation, translated as “conversion”), as stated in the original Gospels in Greeks, written more closely to the events of JESUS’ Life.

Let’s be highly aware of the false moralism and pseudo-spirituality of diabolical agents and doctrines, which unfortunately thrive in religious environments, including Christians, often more concerned with the convenient and political appearances of sweetness than with the courageous and loyal coherence to the principles legitimately originated in the Christic Spiritual Spheres. Followers of the legitimate channeling of the Sublime Levels of Consciousness are willing to perform heroic moves, if necessary, to face crystallized conventions and prejudices, sacrificing even the harmony with their dearest affections.

As the Master of Masters also warned us, previously, there would be “false christs and false prophets”… (Matthew, 24:24)

History and good sense reveal, leaving no room for any contestation — unless one intends to renounce reason and/or character —, that there cannot be an effective and fair defense of an Ideal, of a new culture, of a more elevated and nobler pattern of behavior and values without firm and combative attitudes, although lovely… genuinely lovely attitudes, exactly because of that, because they are mobilized by those whose real focus is on doing good and not on looking good, what would constitute a pharisaic fraud, which JESUS so vehemently fought against, in His Sacred Messiahship.

Every parent, teacher or responsible and honest professional knows that there are times when you either adopt an incisive and direct posture, or there will be a malevolent betrayal of your conscience, a demonstration of negligence with your duties and lack of love for your children, students or other people who could count on your educational collaboration.

Let us end, with a comparative illustration, the unquestionable thesis that we sustain here [about the diabolical sweetness of the false Christians] — and suspicion will fall on those who propose something different, for they will surely be representing forces that go against the Good and God, no matter how sophisticated their fallacies and sophisms full of mephistophelian perfidy are, whether they notice it consciously or not. Let’s contrast – a shocking but truly elucidative comparison – the mellifluous voice and the cold and unshakable calmness of the fanatic terrorist Osama bin Laden with the explosion of the Holy Wrath of the Christ VERB of Truth, with a whip in His hand and Thunderous Voice, overthrowing the tables of personal and group interests, in the legendary Temple of Solomon!…

Matheus-Anacleto (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Aracaju, February 6, 2018


Diabolical sweetness of false Christians – and the Sword of the Cross of Our Master and Lord JESUS

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