GOD-Mother who saves the Earth

God is MOTHER, and not only FATHER — it is axiomatic —, for being beyond all dichotomies of the human relative universe, for being, in the fullest sense of the word, the ABSOLUTE!…
Divinity is the GREATEST of all Mothers. The MOTHER who loves infinitely each one of Her children… who wants the completeness, the fulfillment, the peace and the happiness of all creatures, within the context of possibilities of their evolutionary level.

The Divine MOTHER — we already have said it on other occasions, but it is important to remember here — knows you by name and loves you, as if you were the only creature in the whole universe. To deny this affirmative(which sounds unreal for being so extraordinary) would be to presume that the Supreme BEING would have limits…
As the Representative of this Divine Maternal Face for the Earth, I reiterate the promise I made last August and which JESUS ​​reinforced last Sunday. Our Assembly asked and our request was answered:

The Earth is saved from Armageddon!
Such revelation is made so that hopelessness does not spread like a worldwide epidemic, before the serious and multifaceted global crisis that this earthly humanity is going through.  In spite of this comforting assertion, however, each one of you must strive to fulfill your share of responsibility in the great concert of the Celestial Melody of events, so that many avoidable pains, collective or individual, may be abbreviated, cooled or even suspended.

It is urgent to corroborate, once again: the planet is saved, but this will happen because countless devoted souls will correctly and completely perform their share of tasks in the rescue of earthly civilization from the edge of abyss of self-extinction, channeling God’s Designs for the surface of the globe, through the use of their free will, in the sense of fostering goodness, goodwill and hope, in the hearts of their brothers and sisters in humanity! …

Message from Holy MARY
Intermediation of the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia
Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
December 31, 2016

GOD-Mother who saves the Earth 1

GOD-Mother who saves the Earth

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