Youth and eternity

Youth is blank paper, in many ways, for the free writing of a line of destiny, steady or wobbly, straight or winding, geometric or artistic…

Not everything one wants one can have or do. But it is perfectly possible, with discipline and persistence, to achieve the very best of what one [...]

The visit of the little shepherdess of Fatima

I met Jacinta, one of the little shepherdesses of Fatima, comfortably accommodated in a seat of the gazebo where I had been taken to on other occasions to engage in brief talks with the direct spokespersons of Mary Christ.

After greeting me, discreetly and elegantly, the saint from overseas, whose spiritual body appeared as an [...]

Liberation anniversary of the sage-saint

Today is the 142nd anniversary of the liberation of our lovely Spiritual Guide Eugênia-Aspásia from her last organic vehicle, in the condition of the holy seer Bernadette Soubirous.

The two photos, edited in the image that illustrates this publication, were taken by my husband Wagner: one of them taken in [...]

The diabolical sweetness of false Christians – and the Sword of the Cross of Our Master and Lord JESUS

JESUS ​​was sacrificed on a symbolic sword, which wounded the Earth, soaking it in His blood – a strong and profound metaphor of how much His Presence would fertilize, in an extremely assertive, conflicting and powerful way, the history of the earthly humanity.

As He Himself asserted: “I did not come [...]

GOD-Mother who saves the Earth

God is MOTHER, and not only FATHER — it is axiomatic —, for being beyond all dichotomies of the human relative universe, for being, in the fullest sense of the word, the ABSOLUTE!… Divinity is the GREATEST of all Mothers. The MOTHER who loves infinitely each one of Her children… who wants the [...]