Emptiness and Meaning


Once again, our esteemed Spiritual Teacher Eugênia-Aspásia presents us a simple but serious reflection, which suggests that we move away from the current pattern, in our culture, of systematic complaining about everything and anything, of generalized moral laxity in facing adversities and setbacks natural to the human condition.

The psychography is, once again, in its original manuscript (in 3 pages photographed and attached to this post) that I have just received, without revisions or finishing touches that may eventually appear in its later, more formal, publication (*). About this, I should mention that Eugênia-Aspásia seeks to be spontaneous and modern in the use of our language, so I kept her classic usage of the Portuguese language.

I hope that the dear followers of our site will appreciate this additional effort of public exposure. I would love to be on the “other side”, as a reader, following newly received psychographies, in their “raw state”, so to speak.

May the Christs of God for the Earth: Jesus, Mary and Gabriel (known in certain Christian circles as the Holy Trinity) bless you and your loved ones and personal projects.

Brother in humanity,

Emptiness and Meaning

Within the psychic emptiness lies an excellent opportunity to develop spiritual fullness, even if as a seed…

Depressive states, existential crises, unexpected setbacks, disappointments with others or even disillusion with personal projects constitute fertile ground for innovation, creativity, healing… on several levels!

Pay attention to the hidden value in your pain: when well observed and treated (basically read), it can become an efficient incubator of unknown joys and precious assets that would be difficult to conquer otherwise.

Seek happiness and well-being, yes! But don’t imagine that there are achievements, in any areas of human existence, without their natural cost in discipline, patience, deconstruction and reconstruction of one’s own identity (in search of the true vocational essence of a reincarnation) and even a certain quota of accidents and frustrations, in successive attempts to get it right.

Of course, we allude here to significant accomplishments in the family, professional or spiritual sphere, which truly give purpose, substance and depth to a person’s life, like those ranging from a successful marriage to the ascension to a higher plane of consciousness.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
September 15, 2015

(*) This psychography was originally published, in its handwritten version, on Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar’s Portuguese Facebook page. We thought it would be good to preserve the post in its original form, including the medium’s introductory note, which is more related to the circumstances of the first publication of the message.

Emptiness and Meaning

Emptiness and Meaning

Emptiness and Meaning

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