“Mantras” to the Christic Trinity


The Maternal Face of God brings overflowing Wonders to our lives, especially to the lives of those deeply in tune with fraternal, loyal and devotional attitudes…

Jesus continuously conducts us, even if we do not see Him… Yet, we need to truly open ourselves to His Inspiration…

The Great Angel Gabriel protects us [...]

Loving Mother

I am the Mother, to those, on Earth, who do not see the Mother-GOD everywhere…

I am the Mercy, for those, in the earthly orb, who do not perceive the Infinite Mercy of the Creator…

I am the Love, to those, on this planet, who do not see the Divine Love permeating all

Creation. . [...]

Divine Mother and Perfect Provision

I am the Mother!

Absent the trust in the Divine Goodness, which is Infinite, turn to me, beloved child, for I represent the Maternal Face of God for the Earth.

Goddess-Mother is Endless Mercy and will always forgive you of all sins.

It is you, however, who need to take the initiative to repent [...]

Prayer to Mary Christ

    She represents the Sun-Love of the Goddess-Mother, Our Lady of Overflowing Wonders, pouring graces upon us and our loved ones, to an extent we cannot measure! And She has announced that She will come to dwell in the abode of our hearts, so as we may bear the great happiness of a well-founded [...]

Neuroses and lucidity

Benjamin Teixeira by the Spirit Temístocles

Neuroses – or disorders, according to the modern vernacular of psychology on the physical plane — make up complex systems of maintenance and regulation of the psychism, according to the individual’s own needs, very often of a compensatory nature. For instance: people who [...]