Evil and strength

Do not fear for the evil which has already happened to you – focus on the good you can do in your life.

Do not suffer for the harm that can be done to you – think of everything good that you can do in the life of others.

Ignore all the temptations that have already led you to fall into the dark corners of error, some, regrettable – concentrate on the superhuman Power which lifts those who wholeheartedly surrender to It, at the service of one’s own improvement and the improvement of the community one is part.

Whatever your problem is, dear friend, do not surrender to sorrow, discouragement and much less to despair. There is always a way out and quite visible and accessible to you, or else the Divine Providence would not have allowed the episode to happen. Every bitter experience can and must be transmuted – since this is its fundamental purpose – into stimuli to your personal growth.

Disappointment and fear are unworthy states, as choices of mental pattern: they are mere exhortations to change what is inadequate, and to persevere in what is essential. This way, the power will be yours. Not because you fight the evil – which would strengthen it instead of destroying it (as depth psychology states: we become what we abominate) —, but because you will be using these potentials, channeling them to the good, which gives you the power above the simplistic and primary polarizations of Manichaeism, which torments so much the little matured psyches.

Be happy, convert darkness into an invitation to turn on the Light. And, no matter what happens, get over everything and move on ever more confident, conscious that you will have learned to transform each apparently threatening situation of the evolutive path into challenges toward progressive and continuous developments of the soul.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
July 16, 2000

Evil and strength

Evil and strength

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