Gender exchange through reincarnation

Century over century, the spirit acquires experience so as to advance in intelligence and feeling, expanding its potentials to lucidity and to fulfillment.

The game of appearances, in successive reincarnations, is used as an evolutionary tool to the service of the immortal essence that journeys toward Eternity.

Spirit Gustavo Henrique Medium: Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar


Not taking it seriously

Not taking yourself seriously is diametrically the opposite of not taking things seriously. The first attitude is a virtue that reveals a good standard of lucidity and humility for the evolutionary levels of the Earth.   The second, in turn, indicates traces of mockery, superficiality, irresponsibility, unconsciousness and cynicism.     Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar [...]

Happiness, peace, rapture and ecstasy

Psychological balance, emotional stability, strength in the constitution of a personality and its character are a goal, conscious or unconscious, of every human creature.

To materialize this ideal, however, it is essential, first, that the individual have a clear perception of the multiplicity of aspects that he/she are made up of, as well as [...]

Urgent alert

It is my nature, from the cradle, a clear aversion to debates and topics about politics. I am not registered with any party or political party movement nor do I take part in any activity associated with the topic.

Nobody is, in sound mind, in favor of corruption. All governments make mistakes, to varying [...]