The tragicomedy of the fixation on the romantic love — part II

Benjamin Teixeira , by the Spirit Eugênia,

Recently, the syndrome of those who “love too much” has been diagnosed, a name I believe to be inappropriate, since it is about, in truth, individuals who love erroneously, and, often, do not even love, just are dependent on the person they think they love, when [...]

To be happy in love

  It is much easier to be happy with loves devoid of romantic or sexual involvement, such as friends and family.   The pursuit of erotic-marital utopias uselessly consumes whole existences, preventing people from seeing their great affections, very close to them, almost always with ties of entirely fraternal or spiritual character.   Even [...]

Origin of all evils

  All human dramas and tragedies have the same root: the lack of fraternal sentiment. That is what generates from the horror of the war and terrorism, passing by prejudice and violence against minorities or groups that are different among themselves, to the squabbles of the intimate life. Fraternity is an imperative to human [...]