Time is not money. Time is life!

Time is not money. Time is life!     Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA schoolofhappiness.net

Returning to toil

    Apply yourself to the common effort — which must be continuous — of resuming the activities of good in all spheres of your existence, especially in the intimate field of self-investigation, of watching the feelings and purposes that motivate you, of managing the most problematic areas that create mishaps or hinder your [...]

Beautiful, holy, Wise … Mother … Teacher!

    Representative of Holy Mary and the Christ-Fathers Jesus and Gabriel…   Channel of Heaven for millions of people! …   Source of the Abundant Graces of the Maternal Face of God…   Teacher, par excellence, of the art of living… and of the science of being happy!…   30 years ago, I [...]

God, life and death

God is love… but also Justice!

God is the Supreme Source of Life… however, He-She establishes physical death as a process of renewal for all beings, at the human or animal level of evolution…

Do not allow yourself to be confused, in the emotional eclipse of denial and revolt, when your expectations are frustrated, [...]