Your light… your cross!…


If you are a soul endowed with added sensitivity, you will suffer what your fellows do not notice, carrying a wounded and often hemorrhagic heart.   On the other hand, however, if you maintain stoic discipline, in the spiritual search for the attunement with the good, praying to God and asking for [...]

Evil and strength

Do not fear for the evil which has already happened to you – focus on the good you can do in your life.

Do not suffer for the harm that can be done to you – think of everything good that you can do in the life of others.

Ignore all the temptations that have [...]

Diabolical monster and/or dragon of the Good

Fear constitutes a system of defense present in animals and in human beings, acquiring more complex features in the human sphere of evolution. It is in this level of cognitive processing that phobias, night terror, panic syndrome, hopelessness toward oneself and other people, complete pessimism, cynicism and nihilism in relation to life arise…

Originally, [...]

The issue of the Authorship of the Marian Epistles


I do not mind any kind of contestation of the legitimacy of the Authorship of the messages that I receive from Mary Christ through the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia. It is natural that this occurs, and it does not make the slightest difference to the essence of the celestial gift. There are phenomena that [...]

Jesus’ Visit

“Sickness is a visit from Jesus”, Sister Bridget would say, when she was still incarnated.   Whenever we are bound to the expiatory course of an illness, let us engage in a serious conversation with the deeper layers of our consciousness, while we are going through the convalescence, so that we may assimilate all the [...]