To speak with God and to be heard by Him-Her

You do not need to be endowed with a special mediumistic ability.

You do not need training in advanced meditation techniques.

You do not need prayer practices full of faith and devotion.

You cannot even allege lack of spiritual merits or karmic credits.

Not even the deficiency in the elevation of feelings or in [...]

Death and Life, in the problems of day-to-day life

As a way to solve dilemmas that, apparently or at first glance, seem too complicated or unsolvable, here is an alternative interpretation for the words of the Christ Jesus: “Let the dead bury their dead”.

Let, beloved child, the forces of death bury the dead situations. Quite often, the best you can do to [...]

Grave alert


In matters of faith, suspicious and exaggeratedly critical attitudes are typical of disciples inattentive to their own duty – a thought originally expressed by Emmanuel, through the psychography of Chico Xavier.

These are the people who demand evidence and behave with marked malice, like Thomas, the only disciple who was outside the apostolic [...]

Male tribalism


The message in this banner concerns the wild and degraded group that stood out — as a grotesque emblem of this era of dangerous contradictions that we live in —, in the horrendous (and historic) episode of the Capitol assault in Washington DC this week.


Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar Bethel, Connecticut, USA