Giving orders to God, or placing ourselves under Divine Protection?

God helps us by all means, but especially by the voice of our own conscience, by our initiatives of action and resolution of problems, with the focus on practical, sensible, just, spiritual, Christian solutions.

There are no unique channels for Heavenly Help. Neither you nor anyone else can order the Supreme Being to help [...]

Opinions of others and destiny

It is natural the human being’s impulse of belonging to a community, of being accepted by people who they respect, of being approved by their loved ones.

This universal psychological tendency, however, cannot take over the voice of one’s own conscience and the sentiments and principles that constitute it.

Not being aware of [...]

At the time of crisis – Praying and Reflecting Aloud


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Spiritual Friends, help us to break the cultural hypnosis of anguish, of panic, of despair, so that humanity, goodness and solidarity can flourish in our hearts, and we can see, above the thick clouds that announce the storm, the resplendent Sun of everlasting Light, which invites [...]

The City of Mystical Athens

Today, in the first hours of the morning, according to the time of Brasilia, the Christ-Mother of the Earth arrived at the noblest Mystical Athens, an extraphysical city of the highest spiritual frequencies on the planet, which dwells great Spirits, Guides of earthly collectivities, Celestial Geniuses who inspire key sectors of human activity, such [...]

“Mary Christ” and the Divine Maternity

In particular, I believe that the Signature “Mary Christ” refers to the Person of Mary of Nazareth, the historical Figure who was Mother of Our Lord Jesus. However, as there are no “scientific certainties” in the ultra-subjective and complex sphere of Spirituality, I focus my attention on a more important idea: this Being who has [...]