The City of Mystical Athens

The City of Mystical Athens

Today, in the first hours of the morning, according to the time of Brasilia, the Christ-Mother of the Earth arrived at the noblest Mystical Athens, an extraphysical city of the highest spiritual frequencies on the planet, which dwells great Spirits, Guides of earthly collectivities, Celestial Geniuses who inspire key sectors of human activity, such as arts, media and journalism, sciences, technology, political and economic movements, conventional religions and organizations of spirituality devoid of dogmatic doctrines.

From there some ladies will depart, who will welcome the Christic Mother, in Her sacrificial journey of immersion in the dense mental concentrations of the human domain of consciousness toward the planetary surface.

Suggestion of mantric prayer:

Let us reiterate, through the day, with our hearts, making ourselves receptive to the Grace that MARY exhales to all of us, of the Infinite Mercy of God:

“O MARY Christ, conceived pure, because You were already an Angel before reincarnating, we ask for Your interference, in all areas of our lives, in order to solve and improve what can be solved or mitigated, and to give us strength, on the other hand, to tolerate, with resignation and patience, what cannot be immediately changed and which, therefore, constitutes a reason for us to exercise faith and humility.

So be it!”

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
with the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia
June 28, 2019

The City of Mystical Athens

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