Simplism, cynicism and perversity of the atheistic activism, in the planetary urgency we are going through

The combat to all forms of prejudice that hurt human dignity – such as racism, sexism, LGBTphobia, elitism, the depreciation of people with physical or mental disabilities, of immigrants or refugees – currently receives, very rightly, great applause from the media and from academic circles.

However, a kind of collective outbreak arises, when it comes to defending the rights of those who dedicate themselves to spirituality.

Certainly, there are decent individuals who, despite having severe difficulties in the field of faith and the perception of the spiritual, mystical and paranormal domain, tend to be discreet when explaining their points of view so not to harm the devotional sensibility of religious people.

On the other hand, some detractors of spirituality, despite declaring themselves against oppression and fanaticism (which, without a doubt, are harmful to every area of human action and knowledge), only present justifications for attacking, in a rather uncivilized and even irrational way, everything that does not match their materialistic perspective of reality.

They do not realize, for instance, that they contradict findings and advanced concepts in the physics of subatomic particles, unequivocal in attesting that matter and energy, time and space only constitute isolated categories of phenomena when observed from the human level of cognition. They ignore the exhaustive evidence that, in a deeper level, even apparently concrete objects and events disappear in a borderless ocean of information, conscience and infinite probabilities of events.

If these unfortunate and perturbing creatures, but who consider themselves very enlightened because they contest religious obscurantism (this one, yes, a valid and necessary protest, as We said above), search their memories impartially, they will detect a moment of frustrated caprice or wounded pride that made them deny the existence of the Creator.

Meanwhile, through a mechanism of self-defense, the “traumatic” experience (not always so traumatic since the foundations are fixed in the ego and its childish delusions) often suffer an almost immediate psychological concealment, so that it cannot be easily accessible, especially because, as a rule, those in love with denial do not wish, in any way, to be caught in error.

When these stubborn deniers are not met in their presuppositions of truth on how the Supreme Being should act, especially in what concern their personal values and interests, they simply conclude that He-She does not exist since everything that their shriveled intelligences and hearts do not understand is, in a flash, regarded as impossible – the irony of stupidity and ignorance added to presumption and rebellion with no defensible purpose. They would never admit their own limitations in evaluating the events of life and their natural contradictions and complexities… for these deluded and arrogant characters, God should not exist…

Successive and elaborated layers of rationalizations are triggered after the episode that generated their resistance to spiritual matters, but the pretexts they engender for themselves always sound very plausible to them. Some nihilists sophisms, however, are so complicated, inconsistent and inelegant, that they resemble flashy carnival costumes flaunted in a gala ceremony. That is, while they assume themselves to be very insightful for not accepting “primitive beliefs”, these unwary individuals are regarded as pedantic and ridiculous, before more lucid and mature people who see them like mere emotional, tantruming and suffering children, under the cover of a pompous pseudo-rationality.

However, atheists who consciously perceive themselves as such are much more honest – especially with themselves – than a significant portion of the population who claims to be theist, but whose behavior reveals unresolved inner problems with the authentic spirit of religiosity.

These last psychotypes, when frustrated in their beliefs of fragile and childish basis, usually stop in the middle of formulating their impressions and, instead of accepting their own conflict with God and His-Her Designs, transform the denial of the Transcendentality and of the Sacred into veiled or open processes of attack, against personalities and institutions that represent Them, accusing of hypocrites or fanatics all those who have a well-founded spiritual conviction.

In general, those who speak against spirituality do not even see the lack of quality philosophical foundation in their fallacious arguments, just as they ironically do not realize the obvious contradictions in their speeches truncated by the exacerbated amount of shallow emotions.

They believe in the abstract existence of politics and the economy, despite knowing that both are full of vultures of the power and jackals of the finances. However, because they find individuals of bad character or mentally disturbed in the field of activities related to transcendence – as there are in all areas of human activity—, they immediately rush, without any intellectual decency or moral scruple, even in front of educated audiences, to parade their unfounded conjectures about the Divinity and the widely evidenced universes of paranormality and spirituality.

If the repression of sexuality, in the course of centuries, has caused so much harm to humanity, what could be said, in terms of extension and multiplicity, of the horrors that result from the castration of this fundamental human attribute: the tendency-necessity of devotional and spiritual experiences?

For no other reason, the earthly humanity is on the verge of an ecological, nuclear, pandemic apocalypse, etc. Loss of motivation to live, existential anguish, vices of all kinds, mental disorders and suicides multiply, in astronomical quantity, claiming or ruining the lives of millions, decade after decade. Now, the civilization itself is in peril, at the brink of sliding into the precipice of self-extinction.

We urgently need to end the current cultural hypnosis that leads more susceptible minds to presume that intelligence and instruction must decline into cynicism and in mockery toward the sacred impulses of reverence to God.

May the pathetic and potentially genocidal atheistic activism be eradicated, as a matter of urgency.

May the antagonists of the practices of spiritual nature demonstrate, as anyone who is not a psychopath does, a sense (even if only minimal) of social responsibility and respect for the feelings of devotion to the Divine.

It is exactly the violation of these profound and essential feelings that has induced, in the course of successive decades, legions of sensitive souls to suicide and to desperation, as it has also been causing the dismantling of entire communities, fomenting, directly or indirectly, the alarming increase of the probability of the collapse of the civilization… of the destruction of the human species itself and of all planetary biosphere…

Eugênia-Aspásia and Matheus-Anacleto (Spirits)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
July 9, 2020








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