Fanaticism and terrorism everywhere


Fanaticism is an imbalance of the human perceptions and cognitive functions, not restricted to religious circles.

Terrorism does not only happen in its most obvious expression, as an unfortunate development of the distortion of spiritual tenets, but extends to any order of intolerance, fomenting, directly or indirectly, psychological, verbal or physical violence: of sexual, ethnic, economic, cultural, linguistic, national… nature.

Femicide is terrorism, just like the murder perpetrated, in a shameful and alarming rate, against members of the LGBT community, often with refinements of cruelty. And what to say about the police forces that unwarrantably attack, imprison and kill young black men in Brazil, in the USA, in different parts of the so-called civilized portion of earthly humanity?…

Pockets of war and poverty, scattered across the surface of the planet, sweeping the lives of legions of defenseless civilians, and the diabolic scenario of thousands of children dying of hunger, daily, as a result of crass injustices in the global income distribution, equate to forms of permanent genocide, difficult to be framed, for being so horrendous, within the scope of fanaticism and terrorism as we normally understand them.

Every sect closed in itself, even if it does not accept itself as such, is necessarily radical, fanatical, fundamentalist, insofar as it limits and distorts the perception of reality, getting away from a multifaceted, lucid and, therefore, inclusive overall view.

Masked by other social reasons for existing, these sects arrogate to themselves functions of “spiritual” nature, meaning to define purpose for the existence of their followers. And the effects of this tainted influence become more destructive when its adherents do not realize that they are subliminally absorbing, without the scrutiny of a critical analysis, the disturbing and destructive ideological content.

This – unconsciousness and/or dissimulation – can be observed in the field of sports, of politics, of academic circles, among activist atheists and even in legions of fans of flavor of the month celebrities.

Religious experience is an innate propensity of the human psyche, especially because there are regions of cerebral neurophysiology that are specifically equipped for mystic-spiritual experiences. Thus, by denying the Sacred, the creature ends up replacing the Figure of God with an obviously insufficient substitute to fulfill the “role” of the Creator in his/her life, starting to worship (idolize) false gods, such as power, prestige, sex, drugs, among other vices and illusions of the material world.

Here, then, is the root — idolatry – of the remarkably hysterical or, at least, unstable behavior of those who slip into virulent attitudes toward the opinions and feelings of people who do not share their views.

Let us protect ourselves against the pseudo-intelligence that conceals the lack of heart, of conscience and of character in exponents of political, scientific, academic, media and even religious doctrines.

Let us prioritize the conscience, the fraternity, the respect and the mutual solidarity, getting away from abuses and abusers, focusing our attention and energies on freeing ourselves from the shackles of evil, of the past, of vices of any nature.

Out with the manifestations of tyranny, whether they are committed at home or within the sphere of national governments, in intimate relations or in the circuit of international economic conglomerates.

Let us join hands in this inexorable, even though painful, awakening process, breaking out of prisons and hypnoses of all kinds.

It is time to wake up to the “Kingdom of Heaven”, which Jesus located “within us”. However, for that, we need to face the hardest, deepest and most difficult personal truths, which propel us away from the crystallized comfort zones to which, disastrously, we have become accustomed. Let us thus be inspired by another maxim that the Christ Divine Verb bequeathed to us: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free…”

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
New Fairfield (CT, USA)
November 26, 2017



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