Your freedom… angel or demon?


Your freedom… angel or demon?

Free will without discernment constitutes a wide-open door to the loss of one’s own freedom.

Only with a spirit of judicious reflection, with a refined critical and self-critical sense, with a clear notion of ethical principles and humanitarian values, can human beings make more conscious choices, better fitting their own and the common good.

The passion to satisfy one’s own will resembles the bestial impulse, in the jungle, or the spoiled whim of a child, in the heart of a so-called advanced civilization.

Freedom, in its deepest sense, is inexorably intertwined with the focus of the matured responsibility, in the crucible of the criterion of improvement of individuals and collectivities, showing not only respect for traditions, in what they have of timeless content, but also a courageous openness to change, according to the evolutionary flows of divine origin.

Those who allow themselves to do or refrain from doing something, following the shallow currents of egoic and momentary interest, without any consideration for the feelings
and needs of others, believe they are benefiting themselves, but are only surrendering to the exact mental pattern that attunes them with the forces of disaggregation, which will throw them, now or later, in an unpredictable manner, into the precipice of unimaginable sufferings for themselves and for those who are in their sphere of personal influence.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
June, 11 2020





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