Rupture of the ego, for the rapture of the Spirit


Beloved children:

May each sincere devotee promote the rupture of the walls of his/her own ego, to favor the rapture of his/her Spirit to the Kingdom of Heavens, within his/herself.

For this, it is essential to be sure to detect the voice of the conscience, which does not condone norms of castrating moralism, conditioned to circumstantial and arbitrary cultural systems of time and place, often disagreeing with the universal principles of good, of justice, of love.

The attunement that one manages to maintain with the timeless ideas and values of benevolence – that, indeed, constitutes the reverberation of the Divine Will in one’s heart, invariably indicating the highest coefficient of peace and happiness that one can achieve, in one’s present evolutionary moment, inside or outside dense matter.

It is relevant to highlight, however, that the peace and the happiness to which we refer to do not correspond to the concepts of tranquility and joy of the physical domain of today’s Earth.

Peace, in its deep sense, of alignment of the individual with his/her most authentic axis of being, knowing and feeling, inexorably generates strong internal and/or external conflicts, because it does not accommodate to personal conveniences nor to social conventions.

And happiness, in its true fundaments, has nothing to do with the euphoria of the ephemeral satisfaction of sensorial or egoic passions. Contrarily, it very often implies renouncing worldly desires and whims, although it does not necessarily contradict the physiological functions of the body or the healthy aspects of personal dignity.

Bliss, state of grace and self-actualization concern directly to the fulfillment of one’s duties, in a level of vocational and devotional essence that, unfortunately, only a minority of the earthly humanity is willing to experience, given the narrow path of unappealable and refined disciplines of sentiment and conduct, well beyond the set of precepts established by dogmatic religions or by legislation and customs in effect in the material plane of existence.

When dealing with a theme as complex as essential, we face an obvious and almost insurmountable obstacle: the human creatures of today in the orb, even those considered decent, have an extremely low degree of self-knowledge. For this reason, the psychological scourge and the social horrors persist, as a result of so much contradiction, hypocrisy and spiritual bankruptcy, in all areas of civilization.

With this lack of knowing oneself in-depth, the overwhelming majority of the earthly population goes through life with two parallel and often conflictive agendas: one conscious and the other unconscious.

May each legitimate seeker of the Light strive to identify the moral infirmities and deformities that he/she does not see in him/herself, despite finding them, somewhat easily, in others.

Supplied with greater lucidity and courage to see him/herself as sinful and limited, as he/she actually is, he/she will then be able to dig the secret land of the soul, so as to find the hidden treasure of the angel in seed that awaits the opportunity to germinate and offer fruits to the world, even if in modest measure and poor quality.

This is how authentic spiritual awakening happens. As taught by the Christ Jesus, the Kingdom of Heaven is similar to a minuscule grain of mustard seed that, sprouting and thriving, becomes a leafy and fruitful tree, on whose branches the “birds of the Sky” (the Angels of God) make their nests: the metaphorical home of the prolific “communion of the saints”, the synergic psychospiritual relationship between Beings of higher levels of consciousness and those who receive, with a genuine and eager willingness to serve, Their inspiration in favor of the common good.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
June 25, 2020









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