Battles everywhere

There are more obvious battlefields, such as the job market, the commercial “territories”, the business, academic and scientific competition, the parliamentary arenas of political disputes and the intricate litigations of the legal sphere.

However, if we sharpen our perception, we will notice that, from the court to the tatamis, from the confrontations between [...]

The opportune moment of faith

When everything seems gloomy and lost, we come to the time of faith, to the circumstance that is proper to it. A mature faith, which does not mean vain and naive expectation of the best, motivates us to do what is our personal responsibility, without expecting from the Spiritual World and the Divine Plane the [...]

Pantheism and nihilism

Pantheism – to die to dive into the Whole — is equivalent to nihilism.

God and the Forces that represent Him/Her do not want to dominate us, but to assist us in the process of personal search for intimate fulfillment, leading us not only to unleashing our full potential, according to our present evolutionary stage, [...]


Visit of the Spiritual Mother of Humanity

And the Saint of saints appeared to us, shining as a silent explosion of multicolored light, accenting the white color. Ineffable choirs of angels announced Her arrival. And, were it because for the heavenly melody or the unspeakable ecstasy that the Sublime Visit always causes, we found ourselves [...]

Rupture of the ego, for the rapture of the Spirit

Beloved children:

May each sincere devotee promote the rupture of the walls of his/her own ego, in order to favor the rapture of his/her Spirit to the Kingdom of Heavens, within his/herself.

For this, it is essential to safely detect the voice of the conscience, which does not abide by standards of castrating moralism, [...]