The luminous paradox of faith


Faith constitutes a mystical ballet with paradox. Doubt and conflict are its steadfast companions, because devotion to God and His-Her Representatives necessarily implies a continuous relationship with the frustration of expectations and the feeling of powerlessness.

The Supreme Intelligence cannot be understood by the limited human intelligence. Whenever faced with what, from a personal perspective, is a contradiction, the creature must seek the complementation to his or her narrow mental standards, so that, when the desired emotional compensation happens, he or she can achieve a more legitimate conversion to the paradigms from High Above.

God is the Unknowable, the Ineffable – it has been said before. Therefore, in the search to receive guidance from Him-Her or to align with His-Her Perfect Designs, sincere devotees promote a gradual expansion of their perceptions and of their potential to self-realization.

To deal with higher levels of complexity, in successive and infinite stages toward the Creator, not only enhances lucidity, in terms of intellection, but also deepens feelings and promotes psychological and spiritual maturation in those who are willing, with serious and persistent commitment, to face and solve the inexorable enigmas that appear in their existential paths…

If you, beloved child, get disappointed in your devotional experience, you are not dealing with faith itself, but with belief, with superstition or with a set of human dogmas. That is: what seems to weaken your bonds with the Divinity comes to you precisely to strengthen them.

Authentic Spirituality, therefore, provides you with a better absorption of the impacts caused by the disillusions of life, enabling you to see the world through perspectives that are progressively more stripped of illusions.

The cost-benefit of this choice is highly rewarding. In the process of dis-illuding yourself and of accessing more comprehensive angles of truth – or reality -, you will see appear in your pathways, in more stable and lasting patterns, flows of solution to intricate problems, of inspiration to the victory of peace over deep conflicts, and of motivation to live the happiness and the unrestricted trust in the Divine Providence, in any scenario. And you will notice, thus, day by day, with gradually greater clarity, graces and blessings from the Sublime Plane of Conscience abounding around you…

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
June 3, 2020








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