Saddened by who did not accept your gift from the soul…

Those who are not open to perceive what is at least sensible will never be able to grasp the appeals that, in some way, represent transcendence.

If you, beloved child, offered someone your best, what you had of most precious in the treasure chest of your Spirit, and you were misunderstood, we can consider:

1) This is commonplace in a planetary community with so much evolutionary heterogeneity. People who are too egotistical, even if they are intelligent, think they understand, but they do not reach the integrity and legitimacy of your sincerely altruistic intentions.

2) There is no reason for you to feel guilty for having taken the benevolent initiative. The seed was planted. One day, when the suffering intensifies in the pathways of those who were the focus of your solidary action, the acorn of the benefit will germinate.

3) Do not judge yourself a fool because instead of getting upset with the rudeness of your interlocutor, you were saddened by the unfortunate reaction that will generate baneful karmas in the lines of destiny of the incautious individual. Acting with kindness never indicates stupidity. And not getting irritated by the ingratitude and the impermeability of others only reveal how much you are, in fact, moved by your ideal and not by petty interests.

4) Remember the lesson of Jesus to His Disciples: “Do not throw your pearls at the pigs, if you do, they might walk all over them and turn around against you” (Mt, 7:6). The reason is simple: the pigs, in the mud in which they wallow, do not interpret the pearls as a precious concession, but as if they were being “stoned”.

5) Finally, remember this other teaching of the Christ Verb: “Seek first the lost sheep of Israel” (Mt, 10:6). Thus, with your heart tuned in with the Plane of the Good and of the Wisdom, fulfilling the task entrusted to you by Divine Design, start immediately to distribute the gifts of comfort and enlightenment to the creatures that are hungry for them, for they have enough psychological and moral maturity not only to long for precisely what you can offer to them, but also to enjoy the content of these spiritual treasures, which invariably lead to excellent results for themselves and all those within their range of personal influence.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
in the name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
May 27, 2020






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