Gift from Heaven… and its complexities

A genuine Gift from Heaven inevitably presents elevated – and at times overwhelming – levels of depth and ambivalence. Hence, there is nothing to be surprised about in the melancholy that alternates with the joy of faith. This dichotomous experience makes up and concretizes the Christic definition that the authentic disciple of Truth “is in [...]

The luminous paradox of faith


Faith constitutes a mystical ballet with paradox. Doubt and conflict are its steadfast companions, because devotion to God and His-Her Representatives necessarily implies a continuous relationship with the frustration of expectations and the feeling of powerlessness.

The Supreme Intelligence cannot be understood by the limited human intelligence. Whenever faced with what, from a [...]

Saddened by who did not accept your gift from the soul…

Those who are not open to perceive what is at least sensible will never be able to grasp the appeals that, in some way, represent transcendence.

If you, beloved child, offered someone your best, what you had of most precious in the treasure chest of your Spirit, and you were misunderstood, we can consider:

1) [...]