Crisis and Divine Love

God is Infinite Goodness!

As Absolute Being, the exhalation of His-Her Love is necessarily complete – and, therefore, includes corrective justice, in favor of individuals and communities.

It does not matter that the human mind does not grasp the complexity of the divine reasons for certain events – it is natural that limited intelligences do not encompass the Supreme Intelligence.

You only need, beloved child, to understand and accept, in a sensible and devotional way, that, by being Perfect Wisdom, God does not err. Therefore, there are always educational purposes to every event, no matter how disastrous they may be in their first developments.

Thus, aware that you follow under the Auspicious of the Indefectible Providence, fulfill your shared portion of responsibility, by using your discernment and free will in the best possible way, in order to facilitate, in yourself and in others, the evolutionary catalysis that Life is offering to you, through crises, perplexities and afflictions, including those you cannot immediately resolve or those that, at any time, are beyond your ability to solve.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Sprit)
in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Bethel, CT, metropolitan region of New York, USA
May 15, 2020



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