Pregnant with yourself and Uterus of the Goddess-Mother



In a way, it can be understood that a person in an existential crisis is in the process of incubation, in a regimen of psychic gestation of him-herself. In fetal position, secluded in the depths of his or her soul, feeling fragile and vulnerable, he or she seeks protection in the womb of his or her own mind, as the caterpillar — allow me to return to the conceptual cliché — that creates the chrysalis, so that, inside it, it can feel itself dissolving, suffering the painful metamorphosis toward the conversion of itself into a butterfly.

The human being lives several of these stages, of being pregnant with him-herself, in the course of the same reincarnation. On several occasions, he or she feels him-herself returning, not to a maternal womb, in a state of psychological regression, but to a metaphorical womb, engendered by him-herself (as well as in the allegory of the caterpillar), giving birth to a butterfly more and more colorful and efficiently winged, in higher degrees of inner grace, ad aeternum.

It is important for each one to remember, meanwhile, that the Universe is also a good analogy of a uterus, the Uterus of the Goddess-Mother. You are not alone: you are protected, enfolded by the energies and mental emanations of the One who takes care of the well-being, of the development, of the expansion of lucidity and consciousness of all creatures.

In other words, we are not as vulnerable, in fact, as we feel in periods of acute crisis. Multiverses are a “safe place”, they are wombs of the Maternal Face of God, the Being of Infinite Goodness, who, being everywhere, sees us and inspires us, through myriads of means, including through the assistance of Spiritual Messengers, free of physical bodies, no matter what denomination we bestow on them, according to our religious and spiritual identifications or the lack of it.

It is necessary to consider, on the other hand, that there are constructive and destructive irradiations, friendly and unfriendly (so to speak), coming from spirits at various points of the immeasurable evolutionary ascension. These irradiations, according to their nature, can propel us to the Heights or ruin our efforts in the good. Not that the disturbing entities, inside or outside the dense matter, are necessarily interested in directly hampering this or that individual (although this occurs, in frightening proportions), but because naturally, for the mere fact of existing, as free consciences, they exude mental waves that influence others, according to their idiosyncratic psychic tuning, through the interaction of spiritual rays that intertwine and clash, generating contradictory vectors of psychological induction.

Plunged in this Giant Ocean of Conscience, which continually “bombards” us with conflicting vibrations, it is up to us to live the discipline of persistently seeking to be in tune with the level of thoughts, feelings, purposes and action with which we want to establish feedback processes.

Any more pronounced vacillation, in the field of emotions or ideas, opens gates in the psyche for us, subjecting us to the intrusion of agents of disaggregation. On the other hand, any sincere commitment to self-improvement and to service to our own good, and especially to the general benefit, makes us establish links of psycho-spiritual support with Powers of Good, which, gradually or even rapidly, organize existential chaos, helping us to supraordinate the disorder of our mental houses.

Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit)
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA
December 6, 2018





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