Prayer to the Christ-Mother

Blessed art Thou, O Celestial Mother!

Last hope of the hopeless!

Living Reflector of God’s Infinite Goodness!

Welcome, O so beloved Mother!

Welcome to our hearts… to our lives!

Touch us from within… and transform us… forever!…

O Immaculate Heart of Mother, we place our existences and our future in Your Hands!

Save us from ourselves, the sinners we are!

Light our pathways!

Convert karmas and disasters into service and accomplishments for the common good!

Take our souls and our destinies in Your Semidivine Bosom!

O Mother of Our Lord Jesus and Mother of the whole humanity!

Invoke the Divine Mercy, for all of us!

Interfere in our swampy paths… of tribulations and dangers!

Make the marsh bloom!

Transform the rottenness of the bog in fertilizing material to the infertile soil of our hardened hearts!

Praised be, Most Holy Mother, today and always!

So be it!

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar and Spiritual Friends
July 7, 2018




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