Caravels and modern aircrafts – superstitions and lucid faith

Just as Mathematics states that behind disorder there is an implicit order, in a higher level of complexity, we will present another similar principle, but beyond the realm of logic, in the field of Spirituality:

Above a turbulent and distressing situation, of contradictory feelings and acute frustration, there is always a plane of peace, in a higher level of lucidity and understanding of life’s events.

Faith, as a bridge or channel to wider domains of reality, can never agree with irrationality or irresponsibility.

The contact with Transcendentality and, above all, with its systematized experience, when they authentically happen, necessarily propel the individual to reach, in varying degrees, deeper expressions of perception, awareness and judiciousness.

Genuine Spirituality inexorably translates into more intelligence, proficiency and wholeness, generating, in the heart of the soul, a peace that greatly differs from the disturbing calmness of the windless oceans, which, in the past, could transform old caravels into ghost ships.

Instead, the true spiritual search fosters a complex peace, which finds a better metaphor in advanced aeronautical engineering and its giant aircrafts, which use the extremely fast dynamic of the air under their wings to cross, with speed, tranquility and safety, thousands of miles in a few hours, at thousands of feet of altitude, carrying hundreds of passengers and crew on board, completely loose, entirely suspended… “as if” by the Hands of God…

in the Name of Mary Christ
Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium)
Brewster, New York metropolitan area, USA
March, 19 2020




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