A dialogue on the search for meaning

Benjamin Teixeira, in dialogue with the spirit Temístocles


After an hour and a half of psychic conversation with Eugênia, I had a brief and very light meal, in the late afternoon in the near-winter of the United States (temperature oscillating around 0ºC), and I returned to the computer, to receive the article to be published in the website. The Spiritual Mentor informed that would not be her issuing the lesson, on this occasion, asking me to open the psychic channels to another personality of the Domain of Good. Thus, temporarily defocusing my psyche from the disembodied Mentor’s frequency — but keeping it in attunement with the range of the Friendly Spirituality, in order to prevent intrusion of disturbing agents from the lowest levels of vibration —, I asked the following mental question, the seminal element of today’s mediumistic dialogue published as “message of the day” in our electronic site.


(Benjamin) Hello, Spiritual Friends. Do any of you want to say something?

(Temístocles) Yes. How are you, my friend? It is Temístocles who speaks here.

(B) – Hello, Temístocles! I am Good. Do you want to have a dialogue or do you prefer a monologue?

(T) – Let’s talk.

(B) – Do you talk about any particular theme?

(T) – Yes. The search for meaning.

(B) – Wow! A basic philosophical theme.

(T) – Without a doubt.

(B) – What would you tell us about it?

(T) – That the meaning is in the signifier.

(B) – ?

(T) – What gives meaning to life events is not the reason that analyzes, nor the ego that decides, according to its own interests; much less the instincts, which blindly propels; but the human heart, in the field of the ideal, of the feelings, of the values, of the principles. This — and only this — distinguishes us from the brutes, from the animals and from the machines.

(B) – Excellent.

(T) – People really get confused, when trying to establish satisfactory goals for themselves, on Earth today, because they want to replace feelings for intense emotions; and causes for sweeping passions. They will never find themselves, in depth; they will never, truly, be realized by following this route, because of the inexorable law of life, which impels all conscious creatures to the process of ascesis. To exchange the spirit for the excitement; the soul for the matter, it would be equivalent to exchanging, in an absolute manner, in the daily diet, potable water for ethyl alcohol.

(B) – Interesting. I emphatically agree that people confuse a lot feelings with emotions; “heart” with passions. For this reason, I would ask you: would you have any tips or practical suggestions to help them distinguish one sphere of reality from another?

(T) – Only through the search for peace, through the sense of duty fulfilled, through personal realization, through the vocations and intuitions experienced, it will be possible to solve the neuralgic existential pendency of the soul. And those who fail to grasp the practical implications of my assertion, thinking it insufficient, will have to suffer the shock of the primitive impulses within themselves, until they get fed up with them, finally feeling the need for something more profound, broader and truly fulfilling.

(B) – Um-hum. Do you have anything else to state?

(T) – No. That’s all I have to say about it for today.


(Dialogue filed November 29, 2007. Edited by Delano Mothé.)


A dialogue on the search for meaning

A dialogue on the search for meaning

A dialogue on the search for meaning

A dialogue on the search for meaning

A dialogue on the search for meaning

A dialogue on the search for meaning

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