Ocean of moral excrements and the salvation of the planet

Last Thursday, the Spirits Eugênia-Aspásia and Temístocles, members of the same Domain of Consciousness, in partnership, passed me the ideas that had been passed on to them by the Angel-Mother of our earthly humanity.

Different from the usual, besides forming a duo, they came in two different moments for the composition of the same article: [...]

A dialogue on the search for meaning

Benjamin Teixeira, in dialogue with the spirit Temístocles


After an hour and a half of psychic conversation with Eugênia, I had a brief and very light meal, in the late afternoon in the near-winter of the United States (temperature oscillating around 0ºC), and I returned to the computer, to receive the article [...]

Confluence with Heaven

The Celestial Forces see us and hear us, whether we perceive it and believe in it or not.


However, in order to more fully assist us, as we aspire (and even beyond our expectations), in accordance with the unfailing principle of respect for the free will of all creatures at the human level of [...]