Disdain against the voices which speak in the name of the Voices of the High Above

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar
by the Spirit Temístocles.

You observe someone with reservation, or even with disdain… This person may represent what you are far from understanding… You do not know who he or she can be, once free from a body of dense matter. He or she is obviously human and have flaws. But, do you have any idea of who this person really is, behind the appearance of normality that the most advanced souls make sure to keep, when passing through the surface of the globe to fulfill special mandates of work?

There are unequivocal signs around the Representatives of the Good. The more endorsed the Representatives are by the Celestial Authorities of whom they are the spokespeople for, the stronger the signs. It is not about a futile and childish dispute over who is right, but a warning to recognize those who have, in fact, the Tutelage of the Greater Plan of Life, to speak in the name of the Higher Levels of Consciousness, while remaining in the physical domain of existence.
Be careful with prejudgments. It is very easy to follow the standards of morality of a certain time and place, of a specific culture, including religious segments, with their exegesis of sacred scriptures that vary from pulpit to pulpit, from church to church. Let’s remember the horrors perpetrated, in the past, by formally organized religions. The legitimate prophets, as a rule, were treated, by their contemporaries, as impostors, depraved and immoral, when not as agents of evil forces. Today, clamorous mistakes of the same genre continue to happen, proportionally to the current parameters of costumes and values. Therefore, there is a lot of false moral nowadays, and it often manifests itself as a pharisaic hypocrisy, in the conservatism that hinders the progress of communities and individuals.

To repeat texts of the Bible or clichés of any canons of “unquestionable truths”, so as to justify discriminatory postures against those who think or act differently, was exactly what the religious and illustrated classes did, the ones who persecuted, judged and sentenced to death by crucifixion the Greatest Envoy of Heaven whom Earth has ever seen and will never see again.
“Think outside the box”, as the Anglophones say. Be smart enough to go beyond the schemes of evaluation that are circumstantial to your environment and cultural formation or restrict to the era in which you live. Remember that what is defended by the conservatives, nowadays, as right, fair and good, has once been execrated not long ago… Women and blacks were considered soulless beings; non-Jews were seen as enemies of God; and even hygiene habits were once interpreted as dangerous temptations to be avoided, to not give opportunity to the “passions of the flesh”!…
It is about asking yourself: what is going to be, within a very short period of time, abominated by the great majority of people as retrograde and unfair? The accelerated evolution of ideas and references of moral and spirituality give us an idea of what is to come… But only a vague notion. Be careful. Countless creatures fell on the deplorable mistake of stoning who had reincarnated to save them from their own unhappiness, and had to face the consequences of much greater misfortune, right after. God is Fair, severely Fair with those who see themselves in conditions of judging others, as He-She is also All-Merciful to those who have understanding and fraternal postures toward their brothers and sisters in humanity. That is what the greater Master of moral and spiritual mystique said: “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged.”

Pay attention, so as to benefit more and better with such friendly presences and with what they have to offer you, to your own growth and well-being. There rarely are angels or sanctified spirits representing Powers of Heaven, but, as a rule, good men and women, noble enough to put their ideals above their personal and immediate interests. Be alert, inasmuch as not only the personalities raised to extraordinary positions of responsibility before the multitude, way more mature and visibly ahead of their time, are under our analysis, in this unpretentious study, but also those figures of little charisma and maybe even a little boring (because less moved by the ego), who can occult themselves in the position of a dedicated teacher, an affectionate father, a loyal and generous friend or a mere unknown person, in the thoroughfare, capable of performing an act of solidarity, without expecting any retribution or even recognition.

(Psychography from September 4th, 2014.)

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Joan of Arc, the military genius, was the main responsible for the end of the infamous and devastating War of the Hundred Years. As and openly “transsexual” and medium, she was condemned to be burned at the stake, by the Inquisitorial Courts, with only 19 years of age, two years after finishing her glorious campaign for the reclaiming of the French territory from the English invaders, such a mission that was only completed in the following years of her execution, for they ravished her from the physical existence, before she could accomplish it. It is not known how many lives and values of cultural heritage were saved, by the action of the brilliant general who incarnated in a girl’s body, to lead armies of hungry, unprepared and demoralized men, taking them to successive and prodigious victories, over the then invincible enemy forces, without ever wielding a sword.



Disdain against the voices which speak in the name  of the Voices of the High Above



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