Passivity is irresponsibility.

We may even omit from acting extemporaneously or erroneously, which implies that we are aware of our attitude. However, we never should give in (to anyone) the power to decide what is more right to do, to think or to feel — because, even for us to wisely interpret the Messages of Heaven, such as [...]

The curious case of a Friendly Spirit


It was 4:45 am this Monday (Brasilia time), when I was awoken, after 4 hours and 15 minutes of sleep, with an unusual image.


Good-humored and satirical, a Spiritual Friend (who preferred to stay anonymous) introduced me, on a white canvas, the bizarre image of an owl that had, before it, a [...]

Oracular Speech

The Celestial Mother lovingly cast Her Eyes upon us, during a brief Sacred Meeting, and, in a fabulous synthesis of wisdom, like a Semi-Divine Oracle, declared:


May it be understood:

Free will – as an exercise of the ego toward transcendence.

Physical or intermissive life (between incarnations) – as a [...]

Disdain against the voices which speak in the name of the Voices of the High Above

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar by the Spirit Temístocles.

You observe someone with reservation, or even with disdain… This person may represent what you are far from understanding… You do not know who he or she can be, once free from a body of dense matter. He or she is obviously human and [...]