Simple reminders


Offer, of yourself, the understanding, which you do not receive, and go on in peace. 

You must, undoubtedly, defend yourself from abuses, as much as possible, and transfer to other personalities the benefit that you offer — people who make a better use of the resources under your responsibility. However, it is not always so simple the management and the development of tasks concerning the spiritual commitments, in devotion to the common good. 

Don’t worry… since JESUS ​​and the Other Powers who represent the Divinity to the Earth see your commitment to serve, persevering unquestioningly, even if — as we have already told you, in the past — it is necessary to convert your post of service into a pole of sacrifice… 

Nothing goes unnoticed, nor are you relegated to helplessness, by the Divine Providence. The supplies of additional forces, companies and opportunities, if really indispensable, will come to you, at the right time, so that you may conclude, satisfactorily, God’s Plans for you. 


Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) 

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) 

Aracaju, January 9, 2018 

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