Happiness without delays

Happiness without delays  



Instead of complaining that something is wrong: 

1. Look at what, in practical terms, you can do to solve the issue. 

2. Otherwise, see how you can compensate yourself for the frustration that saddens you. 

3. Notice the beautiful side of life, the positive aspects, the favors, the benefits that life awards you. 

4. Get out of yourself and pay attention to the pain and needs of others, and you will realize how happy you are and how you have not even noticed it.  

5. When you come out of yourself to observe the universe of others, focus on who is below you rather than on who is above you. So why whine about what you do not have and what you are not, if you already have so much to see and feel yourself as happy?  

Do not make many observations of pain. Suffering is merely an invitation from life for you to discover happiness. Be happy, my friend. Life is so wonderful! Wake up to this spectacular side of existence, of being able to think freely, to choose paths, alternatives of destiny and fulfillment, opportunities of learning, of friendship and of constant growth…  Faced with so much, only an insane person can pass through the world unhappily. 

You, then, can say that the world you live in, based on the latter statement, is kind of crazy—and you would be right. Do not take part in this collective delusion of perceiving life as hard, bitter, depressing and dangerous. Life is an explosion of possibilities, stimuli and experiences. It demands effort, shrewdness and courage, but it does not constitute the bedlam that people usually picture it to be. 

It is up to you to enrich your perceptions, to turn life into a spectacle of colors (joy), lights (new ideas and knowledge) and affections, through the correct use of your free will. Here is the key point: Remember your inherent right to freedom and make conscious choices. Do not jump on the bandwagon of the culture of skepticism and cynicism that pervades Western civilization — the culture of conditionings toward sadness and preoccupation, which we are all compelled to develop. 

Be responsible, ethical, fair and spiritual, dedicated and hardworking, but do not consume yourself in tension and anguish. It is clear that such behavior is a divergence of the standards of conduct, a distortion of the most logical and sensible line of thought, a complete inversion of values. Do not wish to look serious and mature: intend to be happy — not to look like it, but to really be happy! This is the best way to show that you really are mature and spiritualized, since systematic sadness and stress reveal a limited, immature, and/or sick soul. 

Be happy, today, right now.  Follow your conscience, act fairly and altruistically, but happily. The choice is yours.  




Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) 

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) 

November 20, 2001. 

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