Holy MARY talks about Christmas

Holy MARY talks about Christmas 


On the day of the summer’s solstice in the Earth’s southern hemisphere, at the exact hour of the Angelus, in the midst of the harsh caatinga of the Brazilian Northeast, Our Mother, Holy MARY, appeared for a small group of devotees of our Domain of existence. 

Immediately afterwards, in the dimension of dense matter, acting by basal psychic automatisms, some skinny cattle with sad stare felt impelled to approach the mysterious Source of vital-spiritual energy: at the point where, in our Frequency of action, the Sacred Figure made Herself noticeable. 

A few seconds after having clearly configured Herself, the Celestial Visitor — using a Portuguese that mixed the Brazilian and Lusitanian phonetics in respect to some brothers and sisters of our small group that did not directly reach Her Mental Emanations, in a similar way to what had occurred in relation to the Anglophone audience of last week, in another Northeast region: the North American — said:  


Christmas… time to make JESUS ​​reborn, as Ideal and Model of conduct, in the hearts and minds of human creatures 

A special moment in which, through the tradition of exchanging gifts and through the family and social gatherings for typical meals, loving and fair souls show sincere affection and demonstrate the willingness to reconcile, with those who are legitimately open to it 

Time, in the opposite sense, of the illusions of the material gifts offered without the counterpart of the fraternal feeling of giving… of lavish tables gathering people who are hostile to one another and who violate themselves in order to be together and trade barbs with each other reciprocally 

 Throughout the Christian world 

There is the melancholy, of those who feel themselves distant from Christian ideals… and the profound joy, of those who genuinely celebrate the coming of the Christ-Word of Divine Truth to the planet 

There is the nostalgia for the deceased loved ones, who used to compose old Christmas times… and the hopeful joy, in the renovation derived from the approaching of other loves, through birth, through marriage, through friendship, through the miracle of happy reunions of past lives, in the present reincarnation 

 There are the consumerist fantasies inspired by a bizarre old man dressed for the snow, on flying sleigh, driven by magical reindeers (in the heat of the tropics, for most part of the Christian community)… and there are the authentic spiritual pursuits and prayers addressed to the True Icon and Birthday Person of the Night: JESUS!… 

 Christmas, Christmas… a convention for many… an emptiness for others… an invitation for all: to the practice of authentic charity and solidarity… an invitation fully lived by countless lucid hearts… and which must be extended, as much as possible, to all the other days of the coming year, in the imminence of starting 


Holy MARY, in interaction with the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia 

Psychography received by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 

Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil 

December 24, 2017 

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