Recognizing deep wounds in oneself

Recognizing deep wounds in oneself 


Summarizing the narrative of the Weekly Event of the Apparition of the Greater Mother of the earthly humanity, we reproduce what She, in the Name of the Divine Maternal Face, amid the soft rustle of the breeze that came from the warm “haze of Light” that She exuded from Her Exalted Spirit, almost in a whisper, told us: 


Do not report complaints or lamentations to God, as if the Supreme Being had erred… Let us say it once more: God does not make mistakes! 

On the other hand, work on healing the wounds in your heart, be it in a spiritual group, among family, in therapy or even alone. 

Do not get upset, however, with the difficulty of expressing old and deep wounds of the soul. Only the most matured and toughened spirits in the evolutionary path manage to become vulnerable, before their brothers and sisters in humanity, without losing the firm touch with the sense of spiritual purpose, of constructive finality of the revelation, which is naturally embarrassing and conflicting for the ego’s efficient defense mechanisms 

Be aware, however, that it is already an excellent start to recognize the traumas or existential accidents that have marked, in a formative way, your personality and your character, since early childhood, in the reincarnation that now you enjoy, until the late years of maturity. 

Exposing to others, even if it is for a single person you trust, what you consider most shameful and sad in your life trajectory, represents a second stage of evolutionary challenge, which demands special courage and psychological maturity, demonstrated in the nonchalance of appearing ridiculous, inadequate or weak. 

Except, obviously, the pathological cases of minds deformed in the victim complex, which are at the opposite end of the mental and spiritual health spectrum of the brave and victorious leaders who are not afraid to reveal their wounds. Morbid personalities take pleasure in the melodrama they make, with the intention of manipulating people through their staged, adulterated or even invented stories. These pseudo-venting, by the way, do not usually present the traumas that most sadden them, if they consciously access them at all. The difference between the hero of self-discovery and the deceiver of melodramatic seduction, however, is too stark, from the perspective of anyone with a minimum degree of emotional and even rational intelligencefor us to deem it necessary to stay on this topic. 

The authentic, lucid and courageous reflective study of one’s own biography is of utmost importance, since the crises, falls and frustrations of an individual make up more of his or her way of being and his or her most relevant advances and achievements, as Spirit, than all favors that Life seems to have graced him or her with. That is why Our Master and Lord Jesus, apparently draconian, sentenced: 

“Whoever wants to follow Me, take up your cross and follow Me.” 

This is the cross of the discipline of self-knowledge, of the overcoming of adversities, of the transformation of burdens into responsibilities, of the application of lessons in every situation that seems, at first glance, unhappy 

It is this mystical cross that fosters the growth, the self-realization and the happiness of the human creature, in any department of their existence… 


Holy MARY, in interaction with the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia 

Psychography received by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 

New Fairfield, Connecticut, USA 

November 25, 2017 


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