Different angels.

Different angels 


The “angel “of sin sought out Jesus, and the Christ denounced the hypocrisy of the moralists, in the famous episode of the proposal “whomever is without sin, throw the first stone”. 

Three times the “angel” of human weakness had denied knowing the Supreme Master, and the Venerable Guide of humanity constituted him as the cornerstone of all Christian schools: the apostle Peter. 

The “angel” of the visual impaired visited an honest and pure man, who did not seem to deserve such fate, and the Messiah, in granting him the gift of vision, affirmed that such “misfortune” had taken place so the Grace of God would manifest Itself, having, then, the former blind man faced prejudices and religious authorities with graciousness and bravery. 

The “angel” of death kissed the face of a young girl, and the Holy Galilean, after facing the mockery of bystanders, at the mournful celebration, asserting that the youngster was only asleep, brings her back to life at the famous moment of the “Talitha, koum” – “Little girl, get up.” 

One day, I was visited by an Angel who brought Me the so condemned pregnancy before marriage, punishable, at that time and society, with death by stoning. However, through this as bitter as divine experience, I was graced with the priceless honor and blessing of bringing the Christ Word of Truth into the physical plane of the Earth. 

How many “angels” appear in your existential paths, represented in people or situations that you have failed to understand as positive?! … 

Be careful and observe the events and protagonists of life with more intelligence and depth, because, as history indisputably reveals, the authentic ambassadors and the legitimate Signs of Heaven are, almost always, not well received at their points of origin. 

It was also the Christ Who asserted, categorically, that a prophet is not welcome in his or her own homeland or home, whether in the literal sense of birthplace and biological family, or in the metaphorical sense of the time and culture in which he or she lives. 

The consequences, however, for those who attack or abominate these voices of the Good, both in the revolt against an emissary from Heaven and his or her difficult (for they are evolutionary) discourses, and in the rebellion against unappealable but educational circumstances, reveal to be, sooner or later, if not immediately, too painful and costly, in the form of a reparative destiny… 

Such a sad fate suffer those who put themselves against their different “angels” — hidden messengers of the benevolent Divine Designs —, that it is impossible for them not to inspire great pity… 


Message from Holy MARY 

Received by Eugênia-Aspasia (Spirit) 

and Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) 

Brookfield, CT, USA, 

September 27, 2014. 

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