The tragic and ironic resistance to change — and one of its most powerful and mysterious causes

 The tragic and ironic resistance to change — and one of its most powerful and mysterious causes

The tragic and ironic resistance to change — and one of its most powerful and mysterious causes  


One of the most profound and effective motives for the resistance to change is the unconscious fear of being abandoning one’s own identity.  

There could not be a more honest mistake: to change, to evolve, to eliminate faults and to develop talents constitute one of the fundamental impulses of the being. And one’s personal identity is not violated in the process, it is quite the opposite: it participates intimately on it, conditioning it in a singular way, thus ensuring the originality of the individual. 

It is relevant, however, to clarify that the resistance to an essential impetus of the soul, as the one that propels it to transcendence, not only entails great anguish to whoever trust themselves to its sinister tentacles, but also a series of ruptures and collapses of existential departments, in unpredictable quantity, dimension and gravity, one after the other, when not in parallel, in tragic circuit of agglomerated miseries, including divorces, firings, addictions, infirmities and even the premature death. 

The resistance to change is disastrous, particularly, in a time that a “mind-boggling” speed in the transformation of habits, of technology, of culture in a general manner is lived — transformations that are, actually, not always positive. 

 On the other hand, to renew oneself, learn, to develop oneself, to train oneself, to mature are natural needs of the Spirit that promote unstranslatable and intense experiences of well-being, self-realization and happiness. 

Changing is part of life. Changing for the better implies evolution, and the genuine evolutionary process is intrinsically related to all circumstances and forces of Life that clear the way for joy, awe, ecstasy!… 


Eugênia-Aspásia (Spirit) 

Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar (medium) 

Aracaju, September 30, 2017 

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