The sadness of the Sacrosanct MARY

The sadness of the Sacrosanct MARY 

With a sad glance, Our Greater Mother appeared. Then, as soon as I felt that I could address her I asked: 

“Why are you so sorrowful, Venerable Lady?” 

Without delay, the Maternal Christic Figure replied: 

- After so many and so grandiose Signs of Heaven, men and women on Earth insist on nurturing unhappy attitudes toward God and the Spirituality. 

I noticed that there was room to detail the question and I provoked the elucidation: 

- Did Our Lady refer to the international political crisis, with the dangerous threats of nuclear weapons threatened by US and North Korean leaders, or to some broader phenomenon?

The Spiritual Mother of humanity seemed to sigh for a long time, and in the same poignant tone, she clarified: 

- One cannot separate waves from beach, beaches from an ocean, oceans from all the waters that cover the globe… 

If, in the field of relationship among nations, world leaders seem to snap… in the realm of interpersonal relationships and in the inner universe of the hearts, devotees of various denominations deny, with their behavior, what they claim to believe inparents fail to provide the love they owe their children and youth; professionals escape the principles of moral responsibility with their social roles; creatures who benefit from the Graces of Heaven behave in an ungrateful manner, far from realizing the extent of the injustice they allow themselves to practice 

The Good shall win, in this critical evolutionary stage of earthly civilization, inasmuch as each human soul chooses the attunement and the conduct that indicate deep commitment with the Good


Holy MARY, in interaction with the Spirit Eugênia-Aspásia 

Psychography received by Benjamin Teixeira de Aguiar 

Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil 

September 24, 2017 

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